Born in Kelowna, BC, Canada, I realized how much I loved drawing, and art in general, at a young age.  It started out with a picture of Garfield I drew when I was nine years old, and it progressed on from there. As time went on, my passion for art grew with every picture I did, as did my skillset. However, it wouldn’t be until my final year of high school that I discovered both my art style and digital art. Before then, I was drawing everything with a pencil, outlining it in a fine tipped pen, and flatly colouring it in with coloured pencils. Then one day I got a neat idea to try basic shading with a pen and colouring it in Photoshop, which was still brand new to me at the time. This new art style would come to help define my artwork from then on. With each new picture, I refined my art style, and my shading became darker and darker, yet my art somehow became more colourful. Despite the increasingly darker shading, I got better at lighting with high contrast. I even learned how to do texture work, photo manipulation, and how to use the numerous tools that Photoshop provides. I’m always trying out new techniques and tools to get new effects. Along the way, I discovered my love for the cyberpunk genre (and later on, the dieselpunk genre). All of this has helped me evolve and better my art to this day.

Eventually, I became confident enough in my skills to start taking commissions. Not only did this help push my skills and art forward, but it helped expose my art to a broader public, along with introducing me to the business side of art.

One of the bigger steps for me was purchasing a Wacom Cintiq. While I was great at drawing on paper, I had a lot more difficulty doing the same with a tiny tablet. Not only that, but I was becoming more and more limited as to what I could do on paper, as opposed to what was possible on Photoshop. And so with the purchase of the Cintiq, I was not only able to gracefully overcome those challenges, but I was able to push my art, and my signature art style, even further. I was able to do more intricate drawings, better editing tactics for photo manipulation, and I was able to massively improve how could do shading and lighting in general, now that I wasn’t held back by pen stroked and hardware limitations. Now most of my artwork is fully digital.

For my art, I specialize in sci fi genres (such as cyberpunk and dieselpunk), and anthropomorphic animals. But, of course, I am also always excited to do other subjects as well. As fun as it is for me to do commission work, I still love to work on my own original art. Because of my unique style and interesting subject matter (along with my renditions of different animated / video game characters), I have gained an audience, and a following for my art.

I love art. Art means everything to me, and I have dedicated my entire life to the creation of my art. I am a hard working artist willing to work extremely long until the project is complete.

I have ambitions of becoming a concept artist, a character designer, and maybe even one day creating my own series! Until then, and then after, I hope all of you enjoy my art <3